Holme Park Prokofiev – The New LLOYDS TSB horse


“We at Holme Park Stud have been breeding high quality Trakehner Sports Horses for more than 25 years.  Our feed regime is an extremely important factor when breeding and raising young horses as if the youngsters do not receive the correct nutrition it can severely impact their growth and development.  These slow growing warmbloods do not need large quantities of concentrates as this can make them grow too quickly and can cause developmental problems such as OCD.  Too little of the correct minerals and vitamins and they will not have the healthy bone growth they require.   We like to raise our horses in the most natural way possible with adlib roughage in the form of grass in the summer and hay and haylage in the winter together with small amounts of feed.  In the past each age group has had to have a different feed from a foal creep up to something suitable for the competition horses in high levels of work.  We were using many different supplements and balancers as well as sugar beet pulp for some and our feed schedule was very complicated with each horse on something different to fit in with some of the ‘fussy eaters’.  2 years ago all that changed when we discovered Primero Equine TOTAL feed during a visit to Spain.  We were skeptical to start with that one feed could be suitable for all horses from pregnant mares to competition horses.  We now have just one feed and adjust the quantities according to age/work level/size of horse starting with a handful for the weaned foals.  All are thriving and their condition, energy and development are excellent.  All the horses  love the food and the only additives we use now are carrots!  We are delighted to recommend TOTAL feed to anyone who cares for their horses.

Susan Attew, Holme Park Stud


testimonialWe have been using ‘Total’ feed for 11 years and no other feed comes anywhere close to matching it. We were initially looking for nutritional advice for 2 horses who had different digestive problems – Malcolm who is an ex-intermediate eventer, anglo-arab, and suffered chronic bouts of colic, and also Lady Macbeth who was also an ex-eventer and was diagnosed with grass sickness while 6 months in foal and at death’s door. We started Mally on the feed first with immediate signs of improvement – he went from having 1 or 2 attacks a week to having 1 maybe every 8 weeks, and eventually hardly at all. He is still going strong in the field at 24. Lady Macbeth was in vets hospital at the time and fading away fast – the vets sent her home in the hope of improving her depression and not expecting her to make it,and she was so thin we couldnt believe the foal would survive even if she did. She could only eat tiny amounts at a time, and I was hand-feeding her every 2 hours and syringing water down. We started her on Primero ‘TOTAL’, soaking it with sugarbeet water to soften it and adding grated apple and within a few weeks she was eating small feeds on her own. This was in February, and by the end of March she was beginning to look better and we hoped we might have a chance of saving her although we didnt expect the foal to be normal  The foal was due in April, and wasnt born until the beginning of June – he was absolutely fine, although small, and has continued to flourish. We then retired Lady and she had another 6 years in happy retirement with other old eventers. The vets hospital couldnt believe she had come through the illness, had a healthy baby and then gone on into a fit old age!

Since then, all our horses – competition eventers, retired horses out at grass and youngstock – are fed Primero ‘TOTAL’ and they all look wonderful and maintain great fitness while in work. Our present horses eventing are mostly homebred, and have been fed on ‘TOTAL’ all their lives. We also have a new 6 yr old to event who arrived looking a bit poor and with a dull coal – what a difference in a few weeks! You do not need to add expensive supplements and they love it! We cant recommend it more highly.

Liz Romyn