TOTAL Horse Feed for LIFE

Due to its unique formulation and suitability to the horse’s digestive capabilities, ‘Total’ can be fed to a wide variety of horses in various disciplines and life stage. Simply adjust the quantity to meet your individual horse’s energy and nutrient requirement.


Resting & Light Work
The elevated levels of vitamins & mineral, along with high digestible fibre and oil content means that smaller portions can be fed to horses that are resting or in light work ensuring that their nutritional needs are met.

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 Working & Competition Horses

Increased quantities of ‘Total’ can be safely fed to working & competition horses that require more energy and higher nutrient levels. Energy is primarily supplied by Soya oil, which is readily digested without the detrimental effects of starch overload associated with cereal-based feeds. The inclusion of Yea-Sacc1026 ensures optimum fibre digestion and nutrient absorption, and protects horses from digestive upset when travelling & competing.

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Brood Mares & Youngsters

broodmaresThe high quality protein source contained inTotal’ supplies essential amino acids needed for brood mares in the final stages of gestation and during lactation. Daily intake of Yea-Sacc1026 is also proven to increase dry matter protein, phosphorus and calcium digestion, which assists with strong, steady growth in young stock.



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Elderly & Convalescing Horses


Because ‘Total’ is based on ingredients suited to the digestive system of the horse, old and convalescing  horses will particularly benefit from the quality fibre and elevated vitamins and minerals. They will also benefit from the nutrient density when intake is reduced through inappetance or dental deterioration, along with the antioxidants, which help mop up free radicals and maintain a healthy immune system.