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The horse evolved as a free roaming herbivore, continually browsing and selecting foliage and herbs throughout the day. As a species, the horse has a limited digestive capacity for non fibrous feed ingredients and his digestive system has not evolved to cope with cereal based meals. This is evident by the increasing array of ’man made’ diseases that are commonplace such; as Colic, Laminitis, Gastric Ulceration Syndrome, Metabolic Syndrome/Diabetes, Poor Performance Syndrome etc. Most, if not all of these problems can be prevented if we were able to mimic our horse’s natural life style and provide him with the type of feed that he was designed to eat.

TOTAL is Formulated to current research standards by Equine Physiologists

• Exceptional nutrient profile using natural ingredients suited to the equine digestive system.
• High in digestible fibre to maintain healthy function of large intestine.
• Low in water soluble carbohydrates (Starch & Sugar).
• Low GI index rating which means Total can be fed much closer to competition without detrimental effects of  insulin ‘spike’ resulting in fatigue.
• Can be safely fed from Foal through all life stages to Veteran

                                    Total Contains VERM-X  A blend of 100% natural herbs formulated specifically to Promote Intestinal Hygiene


No Need for Supplements and Feed Ranges. Primero TOTAL supplies your horse with ALL of his nutrient requirements.


TOTAL Ingredients:

  • Pure Grass Pellets
  • Fresh, Dried Meadow Grass
  • Linseed Oil
  • Black Sunflower Seeds
  • Micronized Peas
  • High Fibre Pellets
  • Live Yeast Probiotc
  • Bespoke Vitamin & Mineral pellet
  • Natural Antioxidants
  • Electrolytes
  • Fresh Dried Mint
  • VERM-X  – blend of 100% natural Herbs.



Forage should form the foundation of all equine diets and all horses should be fed on an individual basis according to: Weight, Work, Metabolic Type, Environment, Life Stage, Temperament & Health Status.

Daily Feeding guidelines are:   Resting/light work 1-2kgs.   Med Work 2-3kgs.   Hard Work  4-6kgs

*Infirm or convalescing horses should be fed on individual status.

                                                            REMEMBER, FRESH, CLEAN WATER IS THE MOST VITAL NUTRIENT OF All.


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