about_usTOTAL Horse Feed was developed by Linda Bennis BSc (Hons), who spent many years studying Equine Physiology and observing the clinical effects of feeding in different countries. Linda recognized that many, if not most of the modern day diseases horses suffered were linked in some respect to inappropriate diet for the species.  This was the catalyst and inspiration to formulate a unique, bespoke feed based on digestible fibres and nutrients derived from ingredients suited to the evolved digestive system of the horse. After much research and development,  Primero TOTAL was born and launched in the Millennium year 2000 and was the first feed of its kind to be introduced to the UK and European market.

Over the past 15 years we are proud to say that TOTAL has proven to be a true health food for horses in all life stages and leisure/sporting activities and is successfully fed to a vast spectrum of horses , ranging from clinical cases, ponies, veterans, family hacks, plus athletes such as; show jumpers, eventers,  endurance horses, dressage, trotters, carriage horses, racehorses, plus many stallions, mares & foals…..the list is endless.

Our simplified feeding system ensures that your horse remains healthy from the inside out, regardless of breed, age, work type, temperament, life stage or environment without the need for costly supplements and feed ranges.

TOTAL really is the total feed solution for Optimum Health & Fitness ~ Naturally.


Our mission Is to provide you and your horse with the best possible natural diet and advice so that your horse receives optimum nutrition to build a strong foundation of  health, strength and immunity will enables him to reach his full potential in every field and discipline throughout his life – from foal to veteran.
These days, with the vast ranges of feeds and supplements on the market, it is hard to imagine and understand how just one complete feed can meet the nutritional demands of all horses, regardless of their life stage, work load/type, breed, temperament or environment.

Beneath the array of glossy adverts and marketing, it is important to remember how the horse evolved as a free roaming herbivore, continually browsing and selecting foliage and herbs throughout the day. As a species, the horse has a limited digestive capacity for non fibrous feed ingredients and his digestive system has not evolved to cope with cereal based meals. This is evident by the increasing array of ’man made’ diseases that are commonplace such; as Colic, Laminitis, Gastric Ulceration Syndrome, Metabolic Syndrome/Diabetes, Poor Performance Syndrome etc. Most, if not all of these problems can be prevented if we were able to mimic our horse’s natural life stphil3yle and provide him with the type of feed that he was designed to eat.

TOTAL Holistic Horse Feed is now celebrating 15 years of simple, successful equine nutrition, proving over and over again that our feed benefits all horses from post operative, through to elite competition horses in all disciplines, and all those in between of course. We even boast donkeys, ponies and ancient Przewalski horses as part of the TOTAL family.